Police were investigating a sexual assault suspect when they found what can only be described a disturbing amount of snakes and mice in the basement of a Wisconsin home.

According to the AP News, police say that 160 snakes were found in the basement, with sizes ranging from six inches to two feet long. 250 mice along with frogs and geckos were also in the house. It was also reported that there was a number of dead snakes and mice that were removed also.

An arrest was made to a 42-year-old man on charges of sexual assault, domestic abuse and battery. The house was located in West Bend, Wisconsin which is 40 miles northeast of Milwaukee.

This is something straight out of a Saw movie for me. What on earth would someone do with all those snakes? How can you sleep in the same building knowing that over 150 snakes are literally SLITHERING BELOW YOU.

Just an overall disturbing story overall.

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