There have already been of some reports in our region of protesting groups destroying or tampering with deer stands. Some of these animal rights activists go even further, rigging stands to fall or be unsafe for the hunters. It's always worth doing a double check of your deer stand before climbing in.

Falling out of deer stands is already the biggest cause of injuries during deer hunting. If the stand has been tampered with, it could be deadly. The Dunn County's Sheriff Office posted on Facebook that some deer stands had been damaged in the Township of Sherman, Wisconsin. They had "ALF" spray painted on them. ALF stands for the Animal Liberation Front, an extremist group.

Whether you a pro hunting or anti hunting, damage to another person's property is a crime. Malicious actions that could lead to injuries or even death of a hunter is very serious.

What anti hunting people don't understand is that hunters are the reason we have thriving wildlife. The fees, conservation, and way of life is the primary way we keep our natural resources in the condition they are in. The people that tamper with these stands are not heroes in anyway. They are effectively hurting the environment. Not only are they disrupting a way of life and a primary source of income for the DNR, but they also are creating litter and trash in the outdoors when they do this. Far more many deer would die slow, painful deaths if the population was not controlled. While they may think they are being heroes, they are being ignorant criminals.




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