You've likely heard about Hurricane Ian by now. The massive storm is set to hit Florida very soon. (At the time of writing, it had yet to make landfall but was headed that way.)

While it may seem impossible for a tropical storm or hurricane to make it all the way to the midwest, it actually isn't. A few years back, we saw some minor impacts from Hurricane Michael.

While we didn't see very direct impacts, we did see some in the fact that we saw rainy, wet weather until the hurricane moved out, which allowed the cold front bringing that gloomy weather to move out as well.

One impact that will likely come true with Hurricane Ian? The game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs may take place at U.S. Bank Stadium this weekend, as the game is currently set to take place in Florida.

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What other impacts could Hurricane Ian have on us here in the Northland? I was curious so I reached out to WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weatherz for an answer. While I didn't expect any major impacts, I was surprised by his answer:

Fortunately, the weather pattern will keep the remnants of Hurricane Ian well to our south and east, so it is not expected to influence our weather here in the Northland.

There you have it! We have been through quite a few weather changes already this week alone. We saw our last summer day last week, which was quickly followed by our first frost of the season.

Thankfully, although the temperatures seemed to drop quick, the last summer day fell right in line with our average here in Duluth. In fact, we even got a few "extra" days of summer in terms of our average so we can't complain.

Sadly, we all know by now that winter is right around the corner. If you believe the Old Farmer's Almanac, the Northland will be seeing its first snowfall of the season in early October. Of course, not everyone believes in their methodology.

I would rather have snow in early October than hurricanes. A few years back, when Hurricane Florence was hitting the southeastern part of the country, a local meteorologist put things into perspective for Minnesotans.

He shared that the entire hurricane, at that time, was bigger than the entire state! It was wild to think about. Like I said, I am glad we don't have massive tropical storms like that. I hope that everyone in Florida is able to stay safe during this storm.

How To Get Your Lawn Ready For Fall

You keep up with it all summer long; the watering, the seeding, fertilizing, mowing, raking - it seems like a never ending chore that's thankless at its core. Maybe that's why at the first sign of colored leaves on the trees and falling temperatures, many quickly give up the task of lawn care.

And who could blame those who abandon lawn care right after Labor Day and the start of school; cutting the grass isn't really fun to begin with and those extra steps needed to ensure a green and lush lawn (fertilizer, thatching) are just more work than many care to put in.

But totally ignoring your lawn during the fall isn't the best choice of action - especially if you want a nice looking one come spring.

Thankfully, fall lawn care isn't all that much different from what you've been doing all summer long. Here are some good tips to get your lawn ready for to hibernate during winter and press back into shape once springtime rolls around.

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