Melanie Metz is a renowned storm chaser known as "Twisted Sister" and she captured photos and video of a tornado that ripped through Minnesota last summer. Metz lives in Champlin MN, and followed the twister as it carved a 9-mile path from west of Ashby to east of Dalton MN. The tornado was on the ground for 31 minutes and achieved EF-4 status with 170 mph winds, capable of producing extreme damage.

Tons of property was damaged in it's wake and tragically one person was killed. The person that was killed was 30-year-old Seth Nelson, of Battle Lake MN. He was working in the machine shop when the tornado made a direct impact. "The Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office said the machine shed and a home on the property were completely swept off their foundations and blown away." Two other people received minor injuries.

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So how did Metz photo end up on a movie poster? Metz said that she posted her pictures on social media then fast forward to 2021 when the marketing team from the movie "13 Minutes" contacted her after they found pictures of the tornado that she took and purchased it for commercial use.

Metz said to Bring Me The News:

When I received the email regarding the use of my image for the poster, I was in shock and elated, and cried many tears of joy! I never dreamed that one of my photographs would be randomly selected for a movie cover/poster!

The Movie called 13 Minutes hits theaters Oct. 29. "It's about a group of families in a town in the heartland of America who have 13 minutes – the average warning time in advance of a tornado – to take shelter before the largest tornado on record ravages the town, leaving them searching for their loved ones and fighting for their lives."

What a great opportunity for Metz who for 20 years has been out chasing storms and not only gets some amazing video and pictures of a tornado, but to have her work on display on a national level is incredible. All I know about storm chasing is what I have seen on YouTube but I do know that it is dangerous and you do not always get the "money-shot" of a tornado. Check out the clip of the movie below.

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