Add this to the list of things you don't see every day. I was driving over to my sister-in-law's yesterday for my niece's birthday when a jeep came racing past me on I-35 in the tunnels in East Duluth. It was dark in the tunnel, but I did notice something was hanging on the top rack of this Jeep.

When I came out of the tunnel and into the daylight, it became clear that this jeep was dressed up like one of Santa's Reindeer. There were two antlers attached to the top rack. They look like authentic antlers from maybe a 10-point buck. One of them had Santa Claus's hat on there. Very festive!


This person also was driving like a bat out of hell. If you're going to be driving 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, maybe you shouldn't be drawing attention to yourself. Fortunately, we caught up to the vehicle at a red light and my wife was able to snap a photo from the passenger window.

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Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

I didn't get a chance to see who was driving. Maybe it was Santa? Perhaps one of his elves? Either way, they are definitely not waiting until after Thanksgiving to get into the Christmas Spirit. It makes sense for Duluth. We just had the Christmas City of The North Parade, and Bentleyville is open. Go ahead and decorate your jeep!

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