Over the weekend I was in Brainerd, Minnesota and I woke up to find some strange markings on my leg.

There was a lot of wooded area where I was, but I did not go into the woods at all. I stayed in and around the house. I took a few trips to the city, but did not feel anything crawl on me or bite me.

I did have a nasty tick crawling up my leg, but I'm grabbed that sucker quick and threw it into the fire. That however was on my left leg and not where the mysterious mark is, located on my right leg.

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So there is about six small dark dots in a half circle near my ankle on my right leg. There are no red marks (besides my ginger skin), but appears to be a small bruise around half the dots. I tried to do a google search, but couldn't find anything that matched what was on my leg.

Ian - TSM Duluth
Ian - TSM Duluth

Could it be a bug bite of some kind? A few of my co-workers thought it might be a small rodent bite. However, I feel like I would have seen and felt a rodent run up and bite me. None of my family members have seen anything like this either.

Again, I did not feel a bite or see anything on my right leg. I just woke up and noticed it. Hopefully this is my origin story and I'll now have superpowers. I have no symptoms of anything and it doesn't hurt at all. It just looks weird and I have no idea what it is.

If you have any guesses on what it is, send me an email: ian.lafont@townsquaremedia.com

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