Look out world, the next Friday movie is on the way, and possibly a good bit sooner than anyone thought. Ice Cube hints as much in an upcoming episode of DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 radio program, The Whoolywood Shuffle.

In a discussion that covers everything from his sitdown with Bill Maher, the appeal of his new BIG3 basketball league and at least a few other topics, Cube gives us an idea of what phase the Friday After Next sequel is at this point.

"We haven't got the money, they haven't cut a check [for the movie budget], but they're moving in the right direction," explains Cube, who dropped his Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary Edition album a little while back. "They told us, 'Man, just bring us a script man and let's do it.' So that's what we're working on. Just making sure it's funny and up to date."

Cube goes on to say he's looking into some big names for the next addition to the Friday franchise, but he won't reveal their names so they won't be embarrassed if their audition is weak. Thoughtful, Cube. He's primarily looking for newer talent, though, recognizing the opportunity he got when John Singleton gave him the chance to play a leading role in his 1991 flick, Boyz n the Hood.

The film, which Cube told James Corden was titled, Last Friday during an interview from this past May, obviously doesn't have a release date. But, it's clear it's no longer a matter of fan fiction.

Check out what Cube's got to say to Whoo Kid and company in the video below. You can also listen to their discussion on Whoolywood Shuffle which goes on on Saturdays from 12-6 p.m. EST. The bit about Last Friday comes in at the 8:25 mark. The parts about his BIG 3 basketball league and his conversation with Bill Maher come between the 5:55 and 7:15 marks.

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