My mouth is worth a lot of money these days thanks to a major addiction to gum and candy as a kid, and a lots of fillings. So now I am the proud owner of a mouthful of porcelain  and they are not really out of sight out of mind.

I am not saying that they are not the best option when your fillings start to deteriorate, but in my case I had to have a Root Canal with everyone of them, and even with Insurance this can be very expensive. After my first crowns I never gave them a second thought until I was eating Milk Duds and one of my back molar crowns came out into the candy. I freaked out thinking it was a tooth, but thankfully it was the crown and I did not swallow it. 

Fast forward to last Thursday when I was eating dinner and low and behold a smaller crown that I have had for about 2 years came right off. Again I was relieved I did not swallow it, but it is rather unnerving having a huge gap between your teeth and a nub of  a tooth for a molar. Fortunately I was able to get into the dentist this afternoon and with a lot of prayers they were able to re-glue it to the tiny remains of a tooth I have left.

This was one of those huge wake up calls for me to maybe floss a little more, I do brush my teeth regularly but not a big flossing fan. My mom always told me that your teeth are supposed to last forever, and even though I have caps on almost all my molars it was a huge wake up call. So kids take care of your teeth, brush, floss and  when you get older and need a crown, just hope the glue holds it on. Hopefully that is my last loose crown because a third time might not be the charm.

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