I still can't believe it myself that I am actually writing about anything to do with cats, but my family has somehow talked me into having two of them. And, our latest addition who we took in for people who had to move, is causing some damage.

Being someone who is a total softie when it comes to animals, and now even a fan of cats until they scratch, I knew we had to find a solution to this. Our new addition Nutmeg never had a scratching post at her old home, so now at 4 years old she chooses to scratch wherever she feels like. Not good. Especially when you just basically remodeled your whole house and have all new furniture.

So, what do you do? De- clawing is absolutely not an option and so thankfully we consulted Animal Allies who recommended a product called Soft Paws. They come in a variety of colors and for all sizes of cats. They are caps to go over the claws to protect furniture etc.

At first Nutmeg chewed on them a little but otherwise seemed to adjust just fine, and they are pretty reasonable in price $20 for a packet of 40 of them. But unless you are pretty savvy with your cat, have a professional put them on. If you buy them at Animal Allies they will put them on for free. They last anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks depending on your cat, wear and tear etc.

Hopefully the word will get out about these so people do not have to endure a destructive cat and it is virtually painless for for your feline. :)