Iggy Azalea took time today to address the controversy surrounding a video of her fiancé, Lakers guard Nick Young, openly admitting to his teammate D'Angelo Russell that he cheated on her over the summer.

In the video, covertly shot by Russell, Young is lounging on a bed across from his 20 year old teammate, seemingly unaware the video is being taken. The rookie starts asking about his previous sexcapades. At one point he asks Young, "You was 30, she was 19?" Then followed with, "What about Amber Rose, you ain't never tried?"

While Russell's teammates are furious and haven't been speaking to him since the release of the video, Iggy showed her gratitude for the former Ohio State standout.

"hmmm i see D Angelo Russell is trending... I actually liked his film. Thanks bro," Iggy wrote.

Azalea, 25, and Young got engaged last June. But it hasn't been smooth sailing, even prior to this video. Sources told TMZ that Iggy and Nick’s relationship has been hanging by a thread, and Nick has been trying to repair the damage and save the engagement. Meanwhile, Iggy announced earlier this month that they were postponing wedding plans "due to her upcoming tour".

Laura Govan, former Basketball Wives star and ex-wife of ex-NBA baller Gilbert Arenas, knows how NBA locker rooms work and told TMZ Sports that D'Angelo Russell may never be able to recover from the Nick Young video scandal.

"There's a lot of shade in the NBA," Govan says, "These n----s are f---ed up. I know firsthand."

If the Lakers' locker room tension is any indication of his future, Govan might be right on target.

Young and Russell have yet to address the situation. But after a light practice today, Russell was asked about it by reporters and he responded, “Nope. Nothing to talk about,” as he walked off the court without stopping.

However, ESPN reports that the two will talk to the media before they play the Miami Heat tonight.

Hopefully the high-profile couple can work things out but considering this isn't the first time we're publicly hearing cheating rumors about Young, Iggy's breaking point may be closer than the basketball star is prepared for.

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