The Imagine Canal Park Project has only been in place for a few days and is already becoming a topic of conversation among locals who either love the idea or are not to happy about it. I personally have become spoiled since moving to Duluth as far as traffic is not that bad as far as commute times and parking is usually pretty easy, but I do agree that it can be a hassle trying to find a ace to park in Canal Park as it is. I understand trying to make more outdoor attractions, but to me the Lake is all the attraction you need.

According to WDIO the project is called 'Make Canal Park Pop' is an experiment to explore new venues, opportunities and direct traffic more efficiently in the area, This is all part of the city's plan to make Canal Park more accessible to all visitors and residents alike.

The city won a grant of over $200,000 to implement the project which ends December 2018. For now their are several street and parking lot closures throughout this month long experiment which have made some locals even more frustrated with trying to park in that area.

Right now Buchanan Street is currently closed with a pedestrian plaza with tables and chairs  and their will also be a farmers market, vendors and other events. From September 4 through the 17, the lighthouse parking lot will also be closed for pop-up community park space.

For people trying to navigate in Canal Park people heading South On lake Avenue will now be able to turn left at Morse street to connect to Canal Park Drive. For more information on this project Click Here

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