We have all been in the situation where you are done eating and it seems like your waiter or waitress has fallen off the face of the earth. No need to wait anymore.

A new App from a company called COVER will make dining out easier then ever. Of course for anyone in a small town, we are not able to use this App  right now since the restaurants that currently use this are not in our area. But, as the popularity grows I am sure this will branch out to other restaurants in a matter of time.

But, If you travel to a bigger city you may be in luck, especially in New York City. Not only does this App calculate your meal and gratuity but, you can set it to split up the bill evenly with your table. I hate going out to eat with friends and you always have that one cheap person who wants everyone to figure out the own cost of their meal.

Now I am not saying that if someone gets a salad and I get a steak dinner we should split it evenly, this would only apply if we were all eating something around the same price. So, in the meantime I will wait with baited breath to be able to use this App since I am bad at math and hate trying to figure out a bill. :(