It is that time of year again for thousands of young men and women graduating from College eager to jump into the real world of the job market, and all the responsibilities that come with it.

I came across this great list of inexpensive, but functional gifts that they will really appreciate!

  1. Diploma Frame from the Graduates School-That piece of paper cost a lot of money and should be displayed proudly for all to see. Don't be like me and throw yours in a box in a storage room just to gather dust.
  2. Digital Frame-Everyone would love one of these! I remember back in the day in College someone was always whipping out a camera all the time, I have the stacks of pictures to prove it. But now kids can just use their smart phones, so this gift will keep those memories alive.
  3. College Memorabilia- The campus Bookstore will be chock full of items and it would be nice to get some things as a gift rather than using student loan money to buy that new hoodie.
  4. Gift for a New Apartment- For many new grads this may be the first time they have lived alone, or in an unfurnished apartment. Mom and Dad plan ahead to either give them some starter furniture, or maybe a gift card to get some furniture themselves.

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