We are all aware of the tragic story of young Jack Jablonski who was seriously injured in a high school hockey game back in December. He suffered a paralyzing neck injury, and required countless surgery's, treatments and therapy to get where he is today.

Jack was released from the hospital on Wednesday April 19th and is home with his family.  Well, a temporary home until his house is finished being adapted to make it more accessible for Jack to maneuver around in his wheelchair.

The rehab hospital that Jack was discharged from is Sister Kenny in Minneapolis, and I was lucky enough to have worked there the summer after my Junior year in College. I was doing my Internship for Rec. Therapy and spent my summer with some of the most amazing people around, staff and patients.

The amount of pure courage and strength you would see every day was truly life changing. For many of these patients some of the most basic tasks have become a real challenge, but they also have the hope of a new day and many people cheering you on wishing you the best.

I saw one of the newscasts where Jack had said he was sad in a way to leave, because he had become such great friends with many of the staff, but he will be back to visit. It will be a challenge and a tough road ahead for Jack, but he still has that gleam in his eye, and is a fighter with tons of support from family and friends. I am happy to know that I had a peek into this world for a period in my life, where I became inspired by people everyday!