WDIO  found a woman in Solway Township who is embracing the tiny house movement and her home of choice is old shipping containers. I for one am all about this, I watch every tiny home show I can get my hands on and am fascinated how cool and functional some of them are.

We joke that we are already part of the tiny house movement with our little bungalow home that we have in Duluth, but these are really tiny. Of course they come in a lot of options with some on wheels or some where they actually stay put and also now recycling old shipping containers, to which I say why not?

Adam Fulton is community planning manager for the Department of Planning and Construction Services in the City of Duluth, and he said that they get an average of two or three calls a week from people about tiny home development or lot space for a tiny home.

Shane Schaaf is the owner of Blackbox Container Studios, a container home business in Minneapolis which offers a variety of options for people to choose from in designing their home. For many people like Shirley Hall, who's home is featured in this story she used two shipping containers to build hers.

I love this idea, you know that they are sturdy and with insulation they would be awesome. Plus the idea of designing your own home at the fraction of the price of having to build one would be perfect. So time will tell if we will have tiny house neighborhoods in the Twin Ports at some point, but I really feel that this is a trend that will continue to grow. For more on this story click here.

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