UW-Superior is reaching for the stars by having an Astronaut speak at their Diversity Lecture and Art Series.

Commander John Herrington will speak in the Yellowjacket Union Great Room, Tuesday, March 26th at 6 PM.

Herrington was the first member of a federally recognized tribe (Chickasaw) to travel to space and work on the International Space Station.

Herrington has an incredible 22-year career as a test pilot, Naval Aviator, and astronaut. He was the Mission Specialist for STS-113, which took-off from Kennedy Space Center on November 23, 2002. He spent just over 13 days in space and did three spacewalks.

If being to space wasn't enough, Herrington also spent 10 living/working underwater in 2004 as part of the NEEMO 6 mission.

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