I think we've finally found it. The most clever license plate in the state of Minnesota has been discovered.

According to the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles, if you want to get customized plates for your vehicle it will cost you a little extra. Fees for customized plates include:

Initial Cost: $100

Filing Fee: $10

Replacement Plates: $14

For a total = $124

I love seeing custom plates when I'm behind the wheel. Most people just go with a nickname or something like that. But then a friend sent me this picture of what is quite possibly the best custom license plate I've ever seen.

Credit: Brice Johnson
Credit: Brice Johnson

This is how you use the custom license plate to your advantage. Let's all admit it, the Bronco gets a bad rap after 1994 because of a certain chase down a California highway. So I have to applaud this guy who is still cruising around in a Bronco when it was last produced in 1996. Instead of getting some boring random license plate on the vehicle, this person decides to step up his game and makes sure to let everyone know that this is not OJ's Bronco.

If you want in on the Bronco, there's good news! Ford has announced that the 2020 model year will include the revival of the Bronco. So get those license plate ideas cookin'.

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