A press release yesterday revealed that Tim Hortons might soon be coming to the Northland.

Restaurant Brands International Inc., also known as 'RBI', announced in a press release that they are bringing Tim Hortons to Minnesota. No specific locations have been mentioned, but the press release mentions how the brand will reach across the state of Minnesota with this deal.

The President of Tim Hortons, Elías Díaz Sesé, was quoted saying how Minnesota is a good fit for the brand. "This development area shares many characteristics with other markets where we've been most successful in the U.S., representing a prime opportunity for the continued expansion of the TIM HORTONS® brand,".

Outside of the Twin Cities, one would have to assume that Duluth would be a logical choice for a "Tim's", as Canadians have been known to refer to the franchise as. Duluth is in the top 5 biggest cities in the state, it would make sense to one here.

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