When you order a coffee or any type of drink obviously a lid is an important part of the cup, but for some Starbucks around the country, defective lids are causing a major hassle for employees and customers alike. Starbucks employees in a few different states were surveyed and these defective lids were leading to more spilled drinks, more time to prepare the drinks, and poor customer experiences.

Workers said they were having issues with lids for cold and hot drinks and even the dome lids for the Frappuccinos were posing a problem as well. One employee in Virginia said to Business Insider: "There have been times I've tried to put a lid on a Frappuccino and just had the whole cup collapse and spill the drink all over my hands and the counter, while the customer who had ordered the drink was watching."

One manager had instructed the staff working the drive-thru t make sure to test the lids before the drink was handed to the customer to make sure it was secure. But due to being really busy and understaffed at times a few cups made it past them and caused the drinks to spill all over the customers and their cars.

At a Starbucks in California, one of the barista's sole jobs on their shift was to become the unofficial lid tester, having to check every lid before the cup was handed to the customer. The situation was so bad last month that he guesses that about 50% of their lids had to be thrown away because they were not usable.

One Starbucks employee said the lid problem was way less common before the pandemic and ever since then they have seen more and more problems. Starbucks did not comment on the lid problem, but the company like so many others has had issues with supply chains. So next time you order a drink from Starbucks make sure that the lid is secure or you could have quite a mess on your hands.

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