We all do it, we get food from somewhere and If you get a beverage you sometimes hold it at the top with your fingers around the lid. Well today that was a big mistake for me.

I guess I will never learn as I walked through the door here at the station I am holding my food, phone and keys in one hand and my fingers over the top of my cup with the other hand.  I make it about 5 feet in and ":BOOM" the lid pops off and my pop drops .......somehow soaking the front of my white shirt, my cell phone and then splattering all over the floor before resting on it's side pouring all over the tile floor. Awesome!

This is absolutely my own fault for carrying it that way, but to add insult to injury I went and got a mop bucket to clean the floor, I set the mop back in the bucket as it proceeds to tip over and pour water all over the carpeting. Nice! By the way my day was going pretty well before that...:)

Thankfully my phone is fine, the carpet will dry and hopefully this stuff wont stain my shirt. I need to get my work done quickly so I can get out of here before I cause any more problems. Learn by example peeps.... hold cup on the side not by the lid in the future!

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