While I am by no means a culinary expert, I enjoy experimenting with new food and drink combinations. Occasionally I end up creating a disaster, but most of the time I get lucky and create a new favorite. Today, I went to a local fast food burrito place for lunch, and gathered random inspiration for what I would call a new drink favorite.

While filling up my beverage cup with some Mr. Pibb, I looked down to be reminded of lemon and lime wedges that are often available at burrito places (and other restaurants). As I saw the lime wedges, I was immediately hit with the idea to squeeze the juice out of a lime wedge into my drink. The results were amazing!

Mr. Pibb, along with Dr. Pepper, have very distinct flavors I would refer to as "dense". This "dense" flavor is definitely not a bad thing at all, but there is certainly a lot going on when it comes to the flavors of these particular soft drinks. Adding the lime juice to the combination simplifies the overall flavor and makes the taste even lighter and more refreshing. The uniquely sweet and smooth citrusness also pairs really nicely with the the spiciness of the burrito and chips & salsa I was enjoying with the drink.

While I only used a single lime wedge, I don't believe adding a second one to the mix wouldn't be too overpowering. My other piece of advice would be to avoid artificial lime juice/flavoring. They never taste quite the same as the real thing, and I feel like it wouldn't be the same.

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