Yeah right, Like that is going to ever happen. But I have to admit I had quite the scare this morning.

Thank you to my temporary on-air co-Hort - Nick , who is filling In for Laura. He was able to keep it together and move the show forward. "Whew"

In the morning I have a constant cycle of downing coffee or pop, and it backfired huge this morning.

I had less than a minute before I had to go on the air, so I took my usual swig of pop, well it was to big of a gulp as I got a huge air bubble in my throat. I was not able to catch my breath. I was trying to swallow, cough, breath anything. Poor Nick, saying to me are you o.k.? Are you choking? I was shaking my head NO, but in fact I guess I was. Here we go the clock ticks down, and Nick jumped in and started talking. Thankfully I tipped my head back and was able to breathe and talk again. BONUS!

If you have to do some type of speech or presentation, be warned, small sips and give yourself plenty of time to re-group.