It's been about a week since the roof collapsed at the Miller Hill Mall and we are finally getting answers about when the mall will reopen and how. Mall officials released a phased reopening plan, with the first phase already well underway.

The reopening of the mall began over the weekend and will continue to do so for the near future. The reopening will happen in six phases and that final sixth phase is still up in the air, as it is the area where the collapse occurred in the first place.

One of the stores close to the impact zone sent out an email blast Monday afternoon (March 20th), giving loyal customers of the store an update and speaking on the incident. The store is Apricot Lane, a boutique located next to Bath Planet.

They started the email blast by addressing that they are temporarily closed and thanked everyone for the support. Store employees also started their statement by saying they are "still trying to process the situation" but remain "optimistic" about reopening and getting back to business.

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Store officials also echoed the reopening plan, saying they do not yet have an opening date. As mentioned, they are in the sixth phase, which means this part of the store will be opening last and with a date that is yet to be determined. They also stated the following:

We know that the mall is working hard to get everyone back open in phases and we can't wait to get back to the store!

The store is a locally owned and operated small business. Apricot Lane sells jewelry and clothing for women. The good news is, according to their statement, they will continue to update their website and social media channels with new inventory even though they can't access their store just yet. You can still shop at the store online and help support this small business during the closure.

With more plowable snow on the way and winter still in full swing, it is possible that the reopening phases for the mall could change or be delayed, especially the final phase. We will continue to keep you updated.

The Miller Hill Mall is not the only place that has been impacted by heavy snow. The Michael's store in Duluth is temporarily closed at the time of writing and some locals are dealing with similar situations, with one Hermantown garage collapsing due to heavy snow.

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