This is way too much to handle in the very best way! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were in Minnesota on Thursday (July 13th), and were spotted going through a Caribou Coffee drive-thru in Fergus Falls.

The excited barista shared a photo online after the encounter, where Ashton Kutcher poses with a smile and a wave behind the wheel. Mila Kunis can be spotted in the passenger seat right next to him but isn't posing for the photo.

The barista spoke with Bring Me The News and said the two ordered smoothies while passing through town, with this particular location just off of I-94. Why they are in small town Minnesota is unknown but it appears that they are on a road trip through the midwest.

The lucky barista spilled more (coffee) beans in the comments section under the photo, confirming the road trip theory. She said the movie stars told her they left Minot, North Dakota earlier that morning. They also stopped at the North Dakota Cowboy Hall Of Fame on Tuesday, with locals saying they also saw a musical in Medora.

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Where are they headed now? They could even still be in Minnesota at this point! Maybe they are headed towards the Duluth area or plan on driving through the rest of the state without stopping. I am going to be keeping my eyes peeled, that's for sure.

Earlier this week, television star Melissa Peterman posed in front of a Minneapolis tourist destination. She is from Edina, Minnesota and is seemingly in town visiting some friends and family. There's no place like home, apparently. What's with the surge in celebrity sightings in Minnesota? I am not sure but it is always exciting either way.

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