It's always a shame when people take it upon themselves to steal things from others. It's especially low when people steal from kids, but that's exactly what happened last week at the Essentia Duluth Heritage Center.

Not only were things stolen from kids, but they were gifts intended for a young girl's birthday party and now the community is being asked to help identify the suspects.

A Wednesday Facebook post from Kim Sundin Oppelt explains what happened when she held her daughter's birthday party at the popular venue.

On Sun, Feb 5th at around 5:30 pm, a group of males entered at least two locker rooms at Essentia Duluth Heritage Center and stole items. One of those locker rooms contained gifts for my daughter’s birthday party. The thieves made off with around $300 in gift cards and cash that were in the locker room, hidden under benches and jackets and even in bags, much of which was taken from inside birthday cards intended for KIDS.

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She goes on to say that the Duluth Police Department has been contacted, although they told her the video was too blurry for them to identify the suspects.

Kim Sundin Oppelt Facebook
Kim Sundin Oppelt Facebook

However, the power of the community could change that. If enough people see the video below, perhaps someone will recognize the people in the video.

Also, there's a chance these people talked about the crime or showed off to others what they had stolen. The bottom line is somebody knows something, so hopefully whoever stole from the birthday party will be identified.

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