Duluth is making quite the name for itself on primetime television as of late. Between FOX and a popular crime-show spinoff and even reality television, we have enjoyed a little time in the limelight over the past year and now, there's yet another reason to celebrate.

I was really excited last year when I was watching a spinoff of the popular NCIS series. NCIS: Hawaii is a newer show and gave Duluth some love during the first season! In episode eight, Duluth was part of a the mystery of the crime they were solving. It was mentioned several times, not just once.

That's not the only time Duluth has been mentioned, either. Back in 2018, Roseanne mentioned Duluth briefly in an episode, when one of the main characters mentions a family friend from the area.

There was even more excitement a few years later when my favorite show, Chicago Fire, briefly mentioned Duluth in an episode of season eight. The brief mention is all about a suspect who was trying to get to Canada by way of Duluth. Ha!

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Maybe people are catching on that Duluth really is the place to be! After all, many celebrities spent time in Minnesota and Wisconsin in 2022 and a handful of movies, including a Hulu film, even shot in the area.

The connections to Hollywood keep coming with Duluth getting a handful of shoutouts in a newer CBS comedy. The show is called Ghosts and the plot is about two people who buy a rundown home and turn it into a bed and breakfast. As the title suggests, things get a bit spooky as they realize the place is haunted by a bunch of hilarious and mischievous ghosts.

The show features actors like Rose McIver, Asher Grodman and Devan Long. It is currently in its second season but has been getting a pretty good audience reception so far, with a current score of eighty-one percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is no easy feat. It is a remake of a British show with the same plot.

The shoutout happened a few months back during the premiere episode of season two. The episode is titled 'Spies' and in the episode, a couple from the midwest come to stay the night at the bed and breakfast with a plan to smear the hotel after they leave.

As with any Minnesota references in any Hollywood television show, the couple is overly nice, playing into that whole 'Minnesota nice' stereotype that follows us around everywhere. On top of that, they also act overly cheery and over the top, which is another stereotype that people have of those from Minnesota.

That's when Duluth comes into play, as it turns out the couple are from Duluth! The ghosts that haunt the hotel want to spy on the couple because they are notorious for staying at hotels and leaving bad reviews after they leave. They want to spy so they can fix whatever the couple is unhappy with and have them so happy, they don't leave a bad review like they usually do.

In the scene, the ghosts and the owners are discussing this plan when one of the ghost suggests that when you're "dealing with two-faced Duluthers, you do what you gotta" to get by. I love it!

This episode aired in late September but I am catching up on the show now! It is a good, lighthearted watch if you are in the mood to laugh. I hope it will be around for more seasons to come and hopefully, more complimentary Duluth mentions than this one.

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