An assessor may be coming to your home if you live in Superior, Wisconsin next year. I received a notice in the mail for a 'request to view property' for the 2024 revaluation program for property taxes.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Home purchase prices are up in Superior.

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Changes in property value can affect what you pay in taxes. You can get an idea of what your property is worth by reviewing recent similar properties that have sold in your neighborhood.

Recent housing shortages in the Twin Ports have caused home purchase prices to increase dramatically in Superior. For example in my neighborhood in Superior, homes are selling for double what they did 10 years ago.

#1 Frequently asked question: Is the only reason for the assessment to raise taxes?

Here is the direct wording from the notice:

No. A reassesment has no impact on the total amount of taxes collected. However, it may change your property's percentage share of total taxes collected to increase, decrease, or have a minimal effect.

What properties will be assessed?

The notice says it is for all taxable residential property for the 2024 assessment year. It's for all properties in the municipality as of January 1, 2024.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Who will be visiting my property?

The City of Superior has retained Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc to complete a revaluation of all taxable properties in the city.

Does the assessor need to enter my home?

Assessors will conduct their evaluation of the exterior of your home, and in most cases will not require entry. However, if a building permit has been taken out for an interior remodel of your home since the last assessment, they will need to view the interior of your home.

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How do I know if the assessor is legitimate?

All assessors will carry a letter of introduction from the City Of Superior. They also will have a photo ID, and they will be driving a vehicle with the Associated Appraisal Company name.

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How do I know if the assessor visited my property?

If no one is home during the evaluation, the assessor will place a door hanger letting the property owner know they were there. No further action is needed by the property owners, that is unless you have made interior changes.

How will I know if my taxes go up? Can I fight them?

They will mail you a notice when the property reviews are complete and an assessment has been made. You can then attend an Open Book session and discuss your assessment if you wish with the Associated Appraisal Company. Property owners can appeal the assessment to the Board Of Review.

Learn more about property assessment and appeal information from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. 

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