Just when you think you've heard it all! There's another scam going around in Minnesota and it's a ruse I personally have never heard of. It all has to do with your driver's license.

Reported In Richfield

This scam was reported in Richfield, which is about two hours from Duluth. This particular scam could happen anywhere and I can see why some people might fall for it.

Officials in Richfield say that this ongoing scam is targeting residents, especially those that speak Spanish. Help spread the word so it doesn't spread to our area!

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Fake Driver's License Scam

According to officials in Richfield, there is an online advertisement circulating the web that promises people a driver's license in exchange for a charge of $300 bucks. The charge has to be wired to an online account, which is the first red flag.

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The reason people are falling for this is because the scammers promise a driver's license without having to take a road test. Once the money is wired, the person being scammed is told that they can go pick up their license at the local municipal center.

Don't Fall For It!

While we all dread going to the DMV, that is the only place you should go to get a driver's license or renew one. If you think something is a scam or have questions, call your local DMV and get answers directly. You also cannot get a license without taking a test.

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If you see a fake advertisement for something like this online or anywhere in the state, make sure you report it to local officials so that they can take care of it. Once you wire this money, you are not getting it back.

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