If you utilize off-street parking in Duluth, you'll want to be aware of regulation changes that could be coming from the City of Duluth. You're also welcome to provide feedback at an upcoming public meeting.

The City of Duluth announced Monday they are proposing future changes to off-street parking requirements contained in the zoning regulations, Chapter 50 of the City of Duluth Legislative Code.

According to their press release, the changes would provide greater flexibility in parking requirements, allowing a market-driven approach to off-street parking constructed as part of new developments in Duluth.

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Among the changes proposed are:

  • Elimination of off-street parking minimums.
  • The ability to create temporary overflow parking areas. This would be a parking lot that provides extra parking for a site or neighborhood, intended for areas where there is a need for parking over the allowed maximum, or a need for stand-alone parking to address parking in a neighborhood or district, over and above existing primary use parking lots in the area
  • The addition of bicycle parking. The City proposes that with the exception of single‐family and two‐family dwelling units, any new development, building expansions of more than 50% of the building’s square footage, or renovations that exceed 50% of the building’s value shall provide bicycle parking
  • EV charging station requirements. In any new parking structure, either as a primary or accessory use, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations shall be provided for 10% of the parking spaces; in the event that the calculation leads to parcel spaces, it shall be rounded to the nearest number, with the minimum being one. EV charging stations shall be connected to renewable energy sources, or contain electrical connections and other infrastructure suitable to support future renewable energy, unless the Land Use Supervisor determines renewable energy is not feasible at the location.

To City has all the the proposed ordinance changes available to view online. The public is also invited to attend the regular Planning Commission Meeting on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. The meeting takes place in the City Council Chambers of Duluth City Hall

At the meeting, there will be an opportunity for public comment on the proposed parking regulations. The City anticipates a formal public hearing at a future Planning Commission meeting, and a subsequent presentation to Duluth City Council.

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