Tragedy struck in the Northland on Saturday, April 29 when a Minnesota semi-truck driver was killed in a rollover accident in New Independence, Minnesota.

Xavier Henson, a 31-year-old husband and father of two, died Saturday when the tanker truck he was driving on Highway 33 rolled while taking the curve that leads to Highway 53. Upon rolling, the tanker burst into flames.

Reports at the time indicated the Minnesota State Patrol was on the scene, with assistance from outside agencies including the St. Louis County Sheriff, St. Louis County Sheriff Rescue Squad, Alborn Fire, 148th Air Guard Fire, Grand Lake Fire, Canosia Fire, Hermantown Fire Department, Cloquet Area Fire District.

According to a GoFundMe page that has since been established to help his family, Xavier Henson and his wife Amber, along with his son Jimmie and daughter Leah, had just moved from Missouri to Minnesota two months ago for a change of scenery and a fresh start.

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Since he was new to the area and his job, Xavier's insurance wasn't due to kick in until May 1. Amber is currently unemployed, so there are obviously financial concerns related to the tragic accident.

Amber could use as much help as possible to cover related expenses and find a way to bring Xavier home to Missouri. It's also important for Amber and the kids to return to the area where they have an established support network that will help them navigate what is an unimaginably difficult time.

The GoFundMe page, established by family friend Paige Wratchford, is asking for any donation amount that could be spared and they are all grateful for the support.

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