It's almost time again for Duluth Oktoberfestival, a fun annual tradition that will once again bring everything you know and love about the German Oktoberfest to Duluth's Bayfront Festival Park.

The 4th annual Duluth Oktoberfestival is set for Friday, September 15 through Sunday, September 17, and once again everyone can enjoy cold German bier, delicious Bavarian food, authentic live music, plenty of games and activities, and a lot of family fun too.

I have the privilege of co-hosting the festivities throughout the weekend and I can tell you firsthand how much fun Duluth Oktoberfestival is to attend. I can also attest to how important the volunteers are to the event and there is still a need for help this year.

What's cool about helping out at Duluth Oktoberfestival is that they set aside money for groups or individuals who are with an organization.  Those who volunteer for a 3-4 hour shift will actually generate funds for their organization.

Organizers note that they are looking for people with experience in serving, bartending, hosting, or other service industry-related work, as well as others who just want to be a part of the Duluth Oktoberfestival team. This may include volunteer time during set up and take down as well as during the event itself.

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Here are the areas where help is needed:

Beverage Services – Bier Tents
You’ll be the hero for guests looking for something to quench their thirst during the festival in our Bier Tents featuring incredible German bier, food, and entertainment. While the majority of these positions will involve serving bier, requiring individuals to be at least 21 years of age, other positions are available for younger individuals such as cleanup and security. Depending on the need, some volunteers may be asked to perform additional duties such as handling bags of ice, restocking, and more as needed. Training will be provided for bier pouring and proper bar operation.

Admission Services – Gates and Entry Points
Volunteers assigned to man one of the entrances will scan tickets, apply wristbands and/or stamps, pass out brochures, distribute online purchase packages to guests, and staff the entry gate.

Logistics, Setup, and Teardown
Join the teams responsible for bringing the Duluth Oktoberfestival to life by helping with the setup and/or takedown of the tables, tents, decorations, signs, and banners. Hours are flexible both before and after the event.

If you can help out, you'll not only have a great time but you can get funds for your organization so it truly is a win-win opportunity.

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