This is pretty cool, especially considering it came from a huge national publication! Travel + Leisure just named Grand Marais the "best small lake town" in America. The title was bestowed upon the beautiful town in a new article Tuesday (August 22nd).

Minnesota is known for its lakes so it isn't entirely surprising that a Minnesota town made the cut. However, to have a small (but grand) place like Grand Marais get the top title is pretty amazing. In the same article, Grand Marais is also named Minnesota's "artsiest" town.

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So besides the obvious beauty of it, why was Grand Marais named the best small lake town in America? According to the article, it takes the top title for its "increasingly rare vintage seaside vibe" and the art scene. The Boundary Waters was also named as a reason.

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The praise didn't stop there. The article continues to pour the compliments on Grand Marais, citing things like "new openings, eclectic redesigns, and an accidentally hip devotion to all things local" as more reasons to not only love Grand Marais but to name it the best small lake town in the country.

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I love seeing this small town that we all know and love getting some big national attention. It truly is one of the greatest spots ever. The author of this story summed it all up perfectly in one simple sentence, writing:

An unexpected arts enclave, tiny Grand Marais, Minnesota, bursts with galleries, local shops and restaurants, and lake-filled getaways galore.

The story is great for locals who often go visit Grand Marais or pass through it on trips up the shore, offering great ideas for places to eat, shop and stay the night. I wouldn't be surprised if this national story also brings in some tourists to see the beauty for themselves! (Plus, they apparently also have the world's best donuts. Sold!)

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