It is basically spooky season, which means fall is in the air and all things creepy are about to take over. Halloween lovers thrive this time of the year but you don't have to love the holiday to enjoy the incredible attraction that is The Haunted Ship. People come from all over Minnesota to step foot on it, for good reason.

If you are a local, you know the ship is a Duluth landmark and may or may not be actually haunted. (Just saying). The Haunted Ship has it all: the chance to attend a haunted attraction on a historic landmark overlooking Lake Superior.

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Even better? Haunted Ship organizers are rolling out some fresh new scares this year. Some very lucky organizers got to attend a haunted convention and sunk their teeth into some fun new ideas to roll out on the Haunted Ship this year.

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So what new scares can we expect this year? Here are a few to note, courtesy of the DECC:

  • The addition of a "sinking German U-boat" where water floods in and a creature trapped on it escapes
  • A "narrow escape" through catacombs and into an abandoned castle with frights at every turn
  • A "Winchester Lore-inspired" set of rooms that have dead ends and hallways with multiple exits. You will choose your own experience based on which room or hallway you get scared into. Yikes!
  • A Victorian Parlor and Library with thunderstorms and questionable books

On top of all this spooky fun, Haunted Ship organizers also promise an "immersive experience" with great attention to detail, props and the addition of new electronic effects. I always think the attraction is scary but it sounds like it will be even scarier this year!

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The DECC also added a fun new haunted add-on to The Haunted Ship: The Vampire Circus. It is exactly what it sounds like, with tickets available for the two different dates in October. You can make an entire haunted night of it all.

Better yet, if you want to be part of the Haunted Ship, they are looking for actors! Just email if you are interested in going to Scare School. 

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