It's only fitting that a grilled cheese world record would be broken in Wisconsin - known for its cheese!

Two young brothers from the Badger State recently tackled the cheesy endeavor, setting out to break the previous world record for the largest grilled cheese sandwich - which was set a number of years ago in Vermont.

The two kids - Exodus, who is 10, and Iggy, who is 10, are from Delavan, Wisconsin, which is not far from Lake Geneva in Southeastern Wisconsin. The brothers had the goal of unseating the previous record-holder, Cabot Creamery of Vermont.

That record was set in 2000 with a sandwich weighing 320 pounds and measuring 10 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 inches thick.

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Exodus and Iggy set out to break the record a few days ago, using a griddle that was welded by a friend of their mother. They used over 300 pounds of dough and a whopping 60 pounds of cheese to concoct the cheesy creation as part of an event at the Tripoli Shrine Center in Milwaukee that was held as a fundraiser for area food banks.

With representatives on hand from Guinness World Records, Iggy and Exodus successfully beat the previous record! Their sandwich measured an astonishing 10.9 feet in length by 6.25 feet in width, and was  2.75 inches thick.

My question is this: How the heck did they flip this thing? I mean, look at it!

WISN TV on YouTube
WISN TV on YouTube

The two brothers say they drew some inspiration from YouTube videos including some about world records. The duo have a YouTube channel of their own, which was one of the reasons the pair pursued the cheesy stunt.

Their YouTube channel, The Exodus and Iggy Show, has an impressive 157,000 subscribers with videos that document their family adventures.

As of the time of this post, they don't have any videos on their YouTube channel about the grilled cheese feat, but you can see it in a news story from WISN TV.

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