I have definitely have been accused of having a big mouth especially when I was younger and it involved my brothers and sisters, except the reason they would say that is my incessant talking and bugging them.

But Isaac Johnson of Bloomington, Minnesota got his record mouth officially measured and shattered the existing mark. The record for largest agape mouth in the world belonged to  Bernd Schmidt of Germany for the last 12 years.

Johnson's mouth gape is 9.67 centimeters (3.67 inches), a leap of almost 10 percent over the old record his mouth is probably still widening as we speak: Johnson's only 14 , and says it was "three centimeters shorter" when he first measured a couple years ago. Can you even imagine how much bigger his mouth could get?

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Well as long as he is not in pain and can eat and drink with out issues he is going to grow up to be the guy always sticking things in his mouth at parties. Check out his physical talents in the video below.




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