Jeanne and Ian were all ready for the fourth gender reveal along with St. Luke's Birthing Center. It was old home week for Ian and Jeremy, who actually went to school together at Denfeld and had a few laughs about the "puppet show" they did for a class.

Jessica and Jeremy brought their adorable daughter McKenzie with them who is six years old. She is in first grade and loves unicorns so of course Ian and I had to make sure that she got a gift today too, so she got a unicorn stuffed animal and seemed pretty happy about it. It will be an adjustment for her not being an only child, but she is the one who actually said to her parents that she wanted a sibling and so here we are.

The story of how they met is pretty funny too. They met through our receptionist Danielle, who years ago used to date Jeremy's brother. Danielle's mom and Jessica's mom were best friends and so they pretty much set the two of them up and they have been together ever since.

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It was really important to Jessica and Jeremy to have McKenzie involved in the big reveal and so we let her pop the giant balloon from our friends at Lauralloons. She was a total trooper popping the balloon which made all of us jump including me and I was the furthest away. The balloon was filled with a ton of tiny balloons, and it's the video below to find out!

Congratulations to Jessica, Jeremy, and McKenzie! It was so nice getting to meet you in person. Their little bundle of joy is due in July so they still have plenty of time to come up with a boy name. We still have one spot open if you or someone you know would like to have Jeanne and Ian do your gender reveal for you. Click here for more information.

Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM Duluth
Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM Duluth

Jessica and Jeremy also received a Gift bag containing:

$50 gift certificate to use at Oh So Smoothie
$50 gift certificate to Engwall Flowers
$50 gift certificate to Fit4Mom – Good for 1 Fit4Baby Class and 1 Stroller Strides Class
$50 gift certificate to Infinity Massage
$50 gift certificate to Cub Foods
$50 gift card to Once Upon A Child Duluth

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