The MIX 108 Morning show is so excited to team up with St. Luke's Birthing Center to give 5 lucky couples in the Northland a chance to have their gender reveal done like no other, with Jeanne and Ian planning something big for the reveal. Whether it is in the studio live on the radio or off-site somewhere, we know it is going to be a big surprise and lots of fun.

Not only do Jeanne and Ian take care of the big gender reveal, the lucky couple also receives an awesome gift package including :

Our first couple was Abby Otis and Seth Egge. Abby and Seth are already the proud parents of an adorable baby girl and were hoping to have this gender reveal to be a big event, and that is exactly what they received. Thanks to Joe and his staff in Superior, we were able to set up a special race just for them!

Right before the main races, Abby and Seth were brought up into the flag area of the track and got to kick their special race off. A blue car represented that they would be having a boy and a car with pink numbers represented a girl. The cars took off racing with the crowd cheering them on.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look as the couple finds out their baby's gender from the flag booth at the speedway.

We also got a couple of additional perspectives on the big race, courtesy of the team at XR Events, who provided us with the videos below.

Can't see the videos? You can see the first one here, and the second one here.

As the race got underway, it was super exciting! The cars made their way around the track with only a few of us knowing the gender of the baby. The happy couple and the crowd in the stands excitedly awaited the results of the race to reveal they are having a baby boy!

Photo: TSM/Duluth
Photo: TSM/Duluth

As of this weekend, they did not have any boy names picked out yet since they were both convinced they were having another girl. The couple as you can imagine was ecstatic and loved the way the reveal was done. Thank you again to the drivers, everyone behind the scenes at the race track, and to our happy couple Abby and Seth. If you or someone you know would like to be part of another one of Jeanne & Ian's Big Reveals, send them to our entry page on the MIX 108 website.

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