Ian and I were so excited to welcome another expectant couple into the studio for our "Big Reveal" along with St. Luke's Birthing Center in Duluth. We have had a few hiccups lately with couples accidentally finding out the gender of their baby so we were happy that Kirstyn and Dylan were patient and waited for us to get a date set.

Kirstyn and Dylan are both busy working in the court systems and being parents to a two-year-old baby girl, but of course, are excited about a new addition to the family. They both are big Harry Potter fans, and thankfully Ian is too so he was able to coordinate this Big Reveal. I found out that I would be in a Hufflepuff house if I was in Harry Potters's world which I guess is a good thing to be.

This super fun couple met at UMD and worked at Glensheen together a true Twin Ports love story. So how did we do the reveal? Ian bought a very heavy metallic ball that had blue powder and one that had pink powder inside. The idea was to have one of them throw this metallic ball into the Harry Potter cauldron to reveal their baby's gender.

Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM Duluth
Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM Duluth
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Dylan threw it as hard as could and the ball actually bounced right back out, so Ian gave them a hand and slammed the ball for them revealing, well, watch the video to find out!

Congratulations, they are having a baby girl! Kirstyn and Dylan also received a gift bag filled with:

$50 gift certificate to use at Oh So Smoothie 
$50 gift certificate to Engwall Flowers
$50 gift certificate to Fit4Mom – Good for 1 Fit4Baby Class and 1 Stroller Strides Class
$50 gift certificate to Infinity Massage
$50 gift certificate to Cub Foods
$50 gift card to Once Upon A Child Duluth

If you or someone you know would like us to do your gender reveal you can enter to be part of the fun here.

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