This would be really exciting, even if a little random! It appears that one television star was in Duluth, Minnesota a few years back. Matthew Gray Gubler is best known for his role in long-running hit series Criminal Minds, which is one of my favorite shows ever!

While the show has ended, he's been busy working on some projects outside of television. He recently wrote a children's book and has been traveling all over the country doing surprise pop-ups and book signings.

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I wanted to figure out if he was going to be doing one in Minnesota so I went to do a little research. I was shocked when I came across a related tweet from 2021, from a local saying she say the actor in Duluth!

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He may or may not be my celebrity crush so I was really excited when I read this. In the tweet, the social media user says she drove by him not once but three times while she was driving. The sightings happened three times in March of 2021.

A few more tweets followed, where the Twitter user says she didn't stop and talk to him because he was running. Running in March is brave but I would expect nothing less from the man who played Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.

So how do I know this happened in Duluth? A few more tweets in, a user named Lucy responded to the sighting and jokingly asked why the actor would be in Duluth, let alone taking a jog in the winter. I am choosing to believe it really was him, even though the chances are slim, because it would simply be amazing.

Why would he be in Duluth in March? No clue. It was during the pandemic so maybe he wanted to head somewhere a little less crowded than New York or Los Angeles. However, it was probably just a lookalike. I still am living for the chance it really was him, though.

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As for if he is signing any books in Minnesota, I got sidetracked by this tweet and never found out. I will keep you posted! In the meantime, go watch some Criminal Minds. If you need something else to watch because you've binged it 100 times like me, you could try another cheesy crime drama!

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