Who knew that Minnesota would even be on the radar? I started binge watching a pretty popular show over the course of the pandemic and for some reason, they really like to poke fun at Minnesotans! It has happened a handful of times now and the show is only in its sixth season, so there could be even more examples down the line.

The show is awesome so I will cut the writers room some slack here. The show is on FOX and is called 9-1-1. It is a first responder show that is half comedy and half drama. One of the show's main cast members is from Minnesota in real life, which may be why they choose to poke fun at us all the time.

In the show, his character is also from Minnesota! The actor? Peter Krause, who you probably recognize from shows like Parenthood and The Catch. His character on the show is a firefighter from St. Paul who has a mysterious and tragic history.

Whether they used his own upbringing as inspiration to give Minnesota some love on the show or they simply threw a dart on a map, I love the show so I always think it is cool when Minnesota gets a mention or two, even if it is meant to be a little bit of a jab. Here's to hoping that maybe they mention Duluth one of these days. A girl can dream!

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