As if there wasn't already enough to worry about, Minnesota residents are now being warned of yet another thing to be on alert for. This warning was issued recently by the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry.

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So what was this warning about? Issued in January, the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry says there is a scammer posing as members of the agency and requesting payment from those they scam.

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Natee Meepian
Natee Meepian

How Does This Scam Work?

According to the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, scammers are reaching out to Minnesotans via email. It looks like a legitimate email and asks for payment through means like a cash app or Zelle. It also has a link to click where you can view 'a document' which is meant to phish personal information from you and your computer.

The Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry says about the scam:

Recently our agency was made aware that one or more of our licensees have received an email from a scammer that makes the request appear as if it is coming from DLI. The phishing email message may request a payment through a third-party system such as Zelle or ask you to click a malicious link to view a document. This message is not from DLI.

Officials ask that if you get an email like this, you report it the Federal Trade Commission at This goes without saying, but if you get an email that seems even slightly suspicious or asks for payment, do not open it or click any links.

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If you get an email claiming to be from the Department of Labor & Industry but want to be extra cautious, they encourage you to reach out to them in any way, shape or form and they will be able to confirm if the correspondence is indeed from them.

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