This is pretty neat!

A trail camera was set up in a location at the Superior School Forest earlier this month with the hope of capturing some wildlife. Boy, did they ever get some on video!

The forest area, which is south of Superior on Highway 35 about 5 miles south of Pattison State Park, is used for a variety of outdoor education and other opportunities.

Setting up a camera to capture some of the wildlife roaming the forest is a neat way to learn about the creatures that call the wooded area home.

A staff member posted a video recently, sharing that they captured a wealth of animals in the 10 days before Thanksgiving Break earlier this month.

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As you'd expect, there were plenty of deer. But some of the other wildlife are much less common sightings!

The video opens with a coyote (or a's hard to tell being it is black and white and at a distance) coming up toward the camera, then darting off in the other direction.

Several deer make their way past the camera, but a bobcat and even a big ol' bear are a part of the wildlife spotted by the school forest camera. Give it a look!

@theforestteacher2 Who calls our school forest home? Here are just a few of the animals traveling through our woods on the week before Thankgiving. Enjoy! #theforestteacher#theforestteacher2#outdoorlearning#outdoorlearningisfun ♬ Over the River and Through the Woods - Goofy

Earlier this fall, the school forest's Facebook page shared a video of some of the other activities students have taken advantage of. In the case of this video, high school students performed improvement projects around the forest property.

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