This upcoming school year Superior School District is implementing a new cell phone policy for grades K-8.

The new “Away for the Day” policy for students in all elementary schools and at Superior Middle School will not allow for any cell phone, smartphone, or personal devices like smartwatches to be used during school hours, all devices must be stored in lockers from the start of the first class until the final bell, this includes lunchtime.

The school district says, "Cell phones and all mobile devices can be turned back on at the end of school bell and used to communicate directly with parents/friends who are assisting in transportation."

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The district says that all school offices can handle emergency communications for students, and allow students to make emergency calls during the day. Any violations of the policy will see the phone being held in the office for the remainder of the school for a first offense, the second time it happens a parent will need to recover the phone from the office.

After 3 or more times the phone is held in the office for the parents to pick up and "The student will receive a Major Referral and a parent meeting will be held to discuss the Cell Phone Expectation and to create a plan for student success."

The response has been mixed to the new policy, one Facebook comment said, "Yes!!!! A huge step in the right direction.", while another voiced concern for the policy say, "With the dangers and threats I feel like my children cannot contact me when in time of need. My daughter is panicking over this, especially about lockers. Right step in the right direction, but to sudden for the kids."

According to, "56% of middle schools allow students to carry phones on them all day", while a whopping "82% of parents of middle schoolers do not want their kids to use cell phones during school." They also say that "16-year-old students saw their test scores increase by 6.4% after schools banned phones."

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