A woman was hospitalized after she and her daughter were electrocuted while at a waterpark in Minnesota.

It happened last week at the Edgewater Resort & Waterpark in Duluth, Minnesota. Heather Paquette was at the waterpark with her family, which included her mother and her daughter.

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FOX21 News reported the incident on Friday. Paquette reached to open the gate to the outside whirlpool area and received a shock so strong that she couldn't let go of the knob.

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Her daughter saw what was happening and tried to pull her mom's hand off the knob, but she also was shocked.

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A man inside the hotel witnessed what was happening and rushed to the scene to break the mother free from the knob. He ended up pushing her to the ground. At that point, both the mother and the daughter were transported to St. Luke's Hospital where they were examined. The daughter was released, but the mother was hospitalized.

When someone is electrocuted it causes their muscles to clench. In some cases, it can cause someone's hand to firmly grip the object that's sending the current. That's the science behind why someone can't simply let go. A chain occurs when someone else touches the person, and they can become stuck as well.

Fortunately, the bystander knew this and that's why he pushed her to the ground.

Fox21 News reached out to the waterpark. Management said they were investigating the incident and declined to provide any other information. Edgewater Resort and Water Park is owned by ZMC Hotels.

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