I was in for quite the surprise the other day when I went on a stroll by my house. We all know potholes and poor road conditions are a big problem in the Northland (and Minnesota in general) and many vent their frustrations about the issue on social media. I came across a Duluth vigilante if you will, who took to the street to vent their frustrations instead.

I won't say exactly where this photo was taken but I will say it is in a pretty nice neighborhood in the Duluth area. I noticed some writing in light pink letters and decided to take a closer look. What I saw when I got closer was a bit shocking and definitely not what I was expecting.

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A neighborhood resident circled a clunky part of the road and wrote "FIX ROAD. I PAY TAXES" right above it. It may not be in the brightest letters but it definitely stood out when I was walking so I am guessing many, many others have seen this passing through as well. Is it enough to get the attention of the city to fix it? Time will tell.

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Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth
Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth

This is not the first time people have taken a stand against potholes and the like. A few years back, a Hermantown resident decided to do something similar in his neck of the woods. He had a different approach, writing things like "RAWR" and "LOOKOUT" near potholes on a variety of roads. It looks like my vigilante may have had some inspiration. Ha!

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A big part of the pothole problem in Duluth is the terrible winters, which makes road conditions worse, followed by a long and wet spring during which time potholes can't physically be fixed.

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