Did you know that the world's heaviest ball of twine is right here in Wisconsin? It was started in 1979 by a guy who goes by JFK. Sadly, he has passed away and the future of the ball of twine is in serious jeopardy.

James Frank Kotera (JFK) started the ball of twine over 40 years ago. It was on his property underneath a shed, and he religiously would add strings of twine to it throughout the year. It's current weight is over 24,000 pounds or 12 tons. People actually did show up to see this from outside of the community. JFK's family told Fox21 that they had visitors from all over the world, like Japan and New Zealand.

JFK passed away on January 14th, 2023 after a battle with bone cancer. The community, unsure of what would be happing to the property, approached his family members and asked if they would be willing to relocate the twine ball to the nearby Town Hall. They graciously accepted the offer. Now they need to raise money.

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The Twine Ball (as locals call it), is currently located just south of Lake Nebagamon in Wisconsin.

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The goal is to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of moving the Twine Ball and creating a gazebo or shelter to go over it. They also would like to pour a slab to rest it on. The community loved JFK, and they want to see the Twine Ball saved. The ball would be moved to the Town of Highland's Town Hall just a few miles south of its current location.

The GoFundMe page organizers say any and all money will be going to the project. Their hope is that they can have it moved by early summer and have a big picnic for everyone to come and see JFK's ball of twine in its new home.

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