This probably will be the most interesting commercial real estate listing for sale you'll see today. A longtime business in Northern Minnesota is up for sale. It's a prime location for retail or office space. But, if you want the fish business too, there's an option for that. Did I mention there are snakes in the basement?

World Of Fish has been in the location since 2007, but they've been in business for the last 51 years. The owners are selling the location at 5211 Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown Minnesota.

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It was listed in May of 2023 for $465,000 by Coldwell Banker. They recently dropped the price to 398,000. It's a prime spot in Hermantown, with lots of traffic passing by on Highway 53.

Usually, when you hear there's a snake pit in the basement in real estate, you run. But this is actually a good thing.

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It's a long-term tenant "The Snake Pit." They are a pet breeder who has "quality animals and quality foods for your animals. It's also described as a Center For Amphibian and Reptile Education. People can actually book experiences or parties with the snake pit and check out their cool animals.

Besides being a great location, there's already money coming in on this property.

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I spoke with the listing agent, Greg Kamp with Coldwell Banker, and asked him what was so great about the property. Here are a few of his notes:

  • Great visible location
  • wide open - perfect for retail or quickly making an office space
  • large lot with room to grow
  • Fixtures and World Of Fish business negotiable

Check out the photos of the listing below!

Hermantown World Of Fish Location For Sale

The World Of Fish has been in Hermantown for years, but it's up for sale. This prime location recently had a price drop to 398,000. What comes with this? All the fixtures are negotiable, and there's a long term tenant in the basement with a bunch of snakes and exotic animals.

Gallery Credit: Ken Hayes

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