Was It Really A Muskie That Bit The Girl On Island Lake North Of Duluth?
It's clearly very tragic that an 11 year-old girl had to have her foot surgically repaired after an encounter with an underwater creature on Island Lake, north of Duluth earlier this week. The graphic visuals of the damage done to this girl's foot are painful to look at, and one can't even imagine having actually been the victim. While it's undeniable that something attacked this girl, one has to
Northern Pike Attacks Ducks [VIDEO]
I was sitting in the studio dreaming of warm weather, looking at YouTube Videos of fishing and hunting, when I came across this video.  The funny part is I never would have thought that this would happen especially with such a small Pike.
Shark Attack! Check Out The New Radio Controlled Flying Shark [VIDEO]
I love strange, one of a kind products that are an absolute waste of money, and this fits that description perfectly.  Introducing the new 'Air Swimmers' radio controlled shark and fish, they are basically big inflatable Mylar balloons that use the tail to propel them forward and a weight on the bottom that controls the up/down movement.  Check them out in action after the jump.