When most people think of sunfish the first thing that usually comes to mind is they are usually in abundance and a good fish to eat. But for one Minnesota woman she is fiercely protective over her little sunfish friend. Yes friend and his name is "Greenie" because of his green coloring.

Holly Jorgensen might as well be dubbed the fish whisperer since she and this special fish became fast friends five years ago. She said the first time she saw "Greenie" they just locked eyes. As she approaches the end of her dock and dips her hand in the water the other fish scatter, but here comes her buddy. Jorgensen has just dug up some fresh worms for him to eat which he pops to the surface and takes right from her hand.

Holly said to KARE11  "He sure does seem like a special fish. He just acts different from other fish. Why he in particular recognizes me and looks at me the way he does and follows me around, I don't know. But it's wonderful."

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Greenie seems to actually enjoy Holly's company as well. Many times when she walks out to the end of her dock he is waiting for her and even follows her around when she jumps in for a swim. Holly said each Spring she waits for the ice to thaw and will always look for her friend, glad to see he survived another winter.

To say they have a bond is a bit of an understatement, Holly noticed the other week that Greenie actually had a hook in his mouth and he allowed her to grab him out of the water and carefully take it out . For this exact reason Jorgensen will not divulge what lake she lives on. In a world that is so crazy at times, isn't it nice to know that a sweet older lady has the companionship of a sunfish when she is out in nature.

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