The holiday season is in full swing and this weekend will be especially busy in Duluth. Five big events are happening this weekend within the same area, so traffic and parking will take some time and planning to navigate.

With that in mind, The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) offered advice for people visiting between Friday, December 1, and Saturday, December 2.

What Events Are Taking Place Near The DECC This Weekend?

On their Thursday Facebook post, the DECC reminded everyone that throughout this weekend people will attending holiday favorites like Bentleyville, the Duluth Winter Village, and Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Spectacular.

It's worth noting that the Duluth Winter Village is on Saturday and Sunday. Also, keep in mind that on Friday, December 1, Bentleyville may be busier than usual with Chris Hawkey scheduled to perform several free acoustic concerts.

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While those events will be going on, there will also be UMD Men's Hockey on both Friday and Saturday nights and an expo.

Where Should I Park If I'm Attending One Of These Events?

Parking at the DECC is always an option, however, since their parking facilities have a maximum capacity of 1,800 vehicles, it is recommended that you carpool and arrive 1 hour before the event. In the event of a full lot, there are many parking options within a 5-10 minute walking distance.

For this weekend, parking at the DECC will be very busy on Saturday afternoon. The congestion will be due to events ending just as others will be beginning. The DECC advises anyone planning to arrive during this time to park downtown and use the skywalk, or park in Canal Park.

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Additional Parking Pro Tips For This Weekend

The DECC offers the following tips for all attendees this weekend:

  • Be Patient: Please be patient when arriving and departing your event this weekend. The DECC is happy to host all these events that drive economic vitality for the community
  • Consider spending the day at Duluth Winter Village before your evening event: If you're planning to attend DSSO's Holiday Spectacular or the UMD hockey game, consider making a whole day out of it and go to the Duluth Winter Village for the day for easier parking. The event is lovely and free to attend.
  • Accessibility Parking: Park on the third floor of the ramp and take the skywalk down to the red doors.

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The DECC offers the following parking tips for any time of year:

  • To ensure a parking space at the DECC, park early and walk to dinner in Canal Park or Downtown.
  • If your visit includes a hotel in Canal Park or Downtown, walk to the DECC. Your hotel’s front desk staff will be able to assist in directing the easiest route, or utilize the map below.
  • Enjoy dinner in Canal Park or Downtown before your event. Remain parked there, and walk to DECC. Street and metered parking is plentiful around Downtown and Canal Park.
  • Public Parking Lots around Canal Park and Downtown charge various amounts between $1/hour and $10 /day. You are responsible for paying according to that parking lot.
  • Several parking lots around Canal Park are for private patrons only. Please follow any private parking lot rules before leaving your vehicle.
  • The Duluth Skywalk System includes 3.5 miles of climate-controlled indoor skywalks, connecting buildings and parking lots throughout Downtown. The skywalk extends over I-35 and directly to the DECC.

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